Aviary PRO 10

Compact aviary that fits any type of building

The PRO 10 layer aviary was developed as a result of the many years of experience we made with hens in organic, free-range and floor housing systems. We wanted to develop an aviary that guarantees easy and safe handling for both the producer and the birds. The resulting PRO 10 aviary for laying hens is equipped with system egg belts and features a special nest design. All tiers have identical accessories, which further simplifies handling and management. Thanks to its compact design the PRO 10 can be installed in new buildings and old buildings without much additional effort.


  • Low and compact housing system
  • Special, animal-friendly nest
  • Identical features on every tier
  • Strong and durable design
  • Excellent results with easy management
3D visualization of PRO 10 layer aviary


  • Section length: 1205 mm / 3′-11.44”
  • System height: 2300 mm / 7′-6.55”
  • System width: 2200 mm/2500 mm / 7′-2.61”/8′-2.43”
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