The rearing of pullets requires special care and attention to details to ensure that they grow into healthy and productive laying hens. Visit our product pages to get an overview of our innovative laying equipment which was specially designed for the needs of chicks and pullets in order to prepare them for an ideal start into the laying period.

Rearing aviary PRO Motion

The aviary rearing system that grows with your pullets

The PRO Motion is an innovative rearing aviary which provides ideal conditions for day-old chicks as well as excellent training opportunities for older pullets to prepare them for a smooth transition into laying aviary systems.


PRO Motion

Rearing aviary PRO Pullet

Proven starter aviary

The PRO Pullet rearing aviary was developed on the basis of suggestions made by longtime layer growers with experience in alternative growing systems. The compact design of the rearing aviary with the same equipment on all tiers guarantees a good start for the chicks and optimally prepares the pullets for the transition into the laying system.


PRO Pullet

Rearing cage

Ideal rearing conditions for uniform pullets

The Hellmann Rearing cages have proven to give top results with regard to mortality, flock uniformity and feed conversion, partly due to the unique feed gate slides. They are easy to work with, the flap doors allow easy access, easy vaccination and easy transfers from starter to grower tiers. The models are available in 3 standard depths, different heights, solid and wire partitions, with and without manure drying. Alternative sizes are available upon request, too.


Rearing cage 635/710/765

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