At Hellmann Poultry, we focus on the customer.

Our comprehensive product program is the result of intensive research of our customers’ expectations and requirements. Our goal is to achive an optimum, made-to-measure solution that is as simple and inexpensive as possible.

For more than 50 years, Hellmann Poultry has been regarded as a specialist for laying batteries, enriched cages, non-cage aviary systems, rearing equipment, egg collection equipment, feeding systems, manure removal systems, climate control solutions and other accessories for modern egg production.

Due to our unique geographical location in the European “Silicon Valley” of agricultural technology, we have a very keen knowledge of the needs and requirements of today’s egg producers. The name Hellmann Poultry stands for first class workmanship “Made in Germany”. Therefore – and because we produce the majority of our products ourselves – you can count on our impeccable product quality and sustainable product policy. Guaranteed.

Our history

Hellmann Poultry was founded in 1968 by Dipl.-Ing. Willi Hellmann. At that time, the company’s focus was mainly on the German market. The first successful projects led to an increasing number of inquiries from outside the region and from 1972 onward a European sales network started to develop. Since 2001, Marzellus Hellmann has held the position of General Manager of Hellmann Poultry, which today supplies the international market through a worldwide dealer network. Thanks to the continuous development of our products and a dedicated young team, we achieved a successful market position. We are very proud of the fact that all Hellmann products bear the stamp “Made in Germany”. Poultry equipment from Hellman is made by experts. Solid. Efficient. And above all: Reliable.

Established in 1968

In 1968, the company “Gebrüder Hellmann” is founded by Dipl.-Ing. Willi Hellmann and his brothers in Telbrake, which is a part of the northern German city of Vechta. Initially, they support egg producers from the region in establishing and expanding their layer houses. However, demand for modern husbandry systems is steadily increasing in all parts of Germany and so the company quickly expands.

1972 – A sales network across Europe is established

In 1972, the company name is changed to “Hellmann Farmbedarf”. Together with Sales Director Franz-Werner Hanfeld and thanks to recommendations from satisfied customers, Hellmann starts its expansion across Europe and opens its first international agencies.

1987 – The company is renamed Hellmann Poultry

In 1987, the company goes through a process of restructuring and is re-established as “Hellmann Poultry GmbH & Co. KG” under two new managing associates. In 1990, the first systems are sold in Asia.

1993 – Marzellus Hellmann starts as a sales representative

In 1993, Marzellus Hellmann joins the company, in the mid 1990s the first systems are sold in Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine. In 1997, Hans Odhner starts as Sales Director playing a decisive role in the international expansion of Hellmann Poultry‘s sales activities.

1996 – The first projects are equipped in Eastern Europe

Hellmann Poultry continues to expand. In the mid 1990s, the first systems are sold in Eastern Europe and the “Roskar” project starts.

2001 – New managing director and new market demands

In 2001, Marzellus Hellmann takes over as the new managing director. The enriched cage is introduced in Europe and, in response to increasing market demands, the company’s production lines are modernized. The Canadian market also becomes more and more important, which leads to new investments and the development of a distribution network in North America.

2002 to 2005 – Further investments boost the Canadian market

New investments and additional representatives in North America encourage sales in Canada.

2010 – Relocation to Kopernikusstraße in Vechta

In 2010, Hellmann doubles its capacities: the development, sales and administration departments move to the new location at Kopernikusstraße in the north of Vechta, while a major part of the production remains at the original premises in Telbrake.

2017 – Hellmann Poultry is growing on the world market

Thanks to constant investments and further developments of our products as well as the continuous exchange with our customers and representatives, Hellmann Poultry continues to develop and strengthens its position on the world market.

2018 – 50th anniversary of Hellmann Poultry

In 2018, Hellmann celebrates its 50th anniversary with a big party at VIV in Utrecht.

2021 – Inauguration of the new headquarters at “Alter Flugplatz” in Vechta

The completely new construction of a significantly larger production site and a modern office building permits us to join the two existing sites at a single location. With investments in state-of-the-art production equipment, Hellmann Poultry is now well positioned for future challenges.

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