Enriched colony cages NF

High laying perfomance under optimal animal welfare conditions

The enriched colony cages type NF have the laying nest placed at the front and give the eggs an extremely short way to the safety of the egg channel. Needless to say that these models comply with all regulations and offer birds the so called 5 freedoms. This model comes with solid or wire partitions, with or without manure drying and several options or features that can be chosen or left out, depending on local established interpretations of regulations. The height of the cages also reduces the risk of coccidiosis, as there is less contact of hens with the manure belt of the superior tier.


  • Nests at the front for excellent egg quality thanks to the short egg travel distance
  • 24 birds per compartment
  • Scratching areas and dust bathing increase the physical well-being of the hens
  • Backwall between the compartments for easy access to the birds
  • Choice between solid, perforated or wire partitions
3D visualization of enriched colony cages type NF


  • Compartment length: 241 cm – 7′-10.88”
  • Compartment depth: 750 mm – 29.53”
  • Row width: 184 cm – 6′-0.44”
  • Tier height: 665 mm – 26.18”
  • Cage size: 18,375 cm22848 sq in
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