Aviary PRO Motion

The aviary rearing system that grows with your pullets

The PRO Motion is a well thought-out rearing aviary for the rearing of pullets. Thanks to the differently designed, freely accessible floors, the pullets will train inside the aviary from the very beginning. They remain longer in the system and are thus well-prepared for an optimal start in floor, free-range or organic egg production. Lockable drinkers allow for targeted water training to familiarize the birds with all tiers, especially in the beginning. Less movement in the house area also results in fewer emissions, which has a positive effect on the health of the pullets.


  • Self-training from day 1
  • Easy-to-operate door system
  • Excellent monitoring
  • Automatic height adjustment for optimal training
  • Smooth transition to aviary laying system
3D visualization of rearing aviary PRO Motion


  • Section length: 1205 mm – 3′-11.44”
  • System height: 2600 mm – 8′-6.36”
  • System width: 2500 mm – 8′-2.43”
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