Aviary PRO Pullet

The budget-friendly starter aviary

The PRO Pullet is our proven and long-selling rearing aviary. With the same layout of equipment on all levels, the birds find their way around the aviary very quickly. The PRO Pullet is available in different widths to achieve the best possible stocking density for any barn floor plan. Fold-out platforms allow the birds to fly to the different tiers which prepares them optimally for floor, free-range or organic egg production conditions. Easy-to-operate sliding doors and sensibly arranged partitions simplify the moving-in and /-out of the birds.


  • Available in three different widths and variable in height
  • For individual retrofitting of existing houses
  • Sliding doors and foldable balcony for excellent monitoring
  • Smooth transition to aviary laying system
  • Easily adjustable
3D visualization of rearing aviary PRO Pullet


  • Section length: 1205 mm – 3′-11.44”
  • Section height: 2272 mm – 7′-5.45”
  • System width: 1739 mm – 5′-8.46”
  • Compartment length: 2410 mm – 7′-10.88”
  • Compartment depth: 750 / 850 mm – 29.53” / 33.46”
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