Aviary PRO 11 xxl

More space, more hens, more eggs

An additional variant of our proven PRO 11 laying aviary is the PRO 11 xxl. With a system width of 3.0 m (9.8 ft) and an extra-wide egg belt, this aviary provides more usable area and more egg belt surface per bird than the standard variant.
In addition to a higher stocking density this also provides the producer with more flexibility with regard to the collection of eggs.


  • Extra wide egg belt
  • More egg belt surface per bird
  • More usable area for higher bird numbers
  • Meets highest animal welfare standards
  • Excellent egg quality and optimum production conditions
3D visualization of PRO 11 xxl


  • Section length: 1205 mm – 3′-11.44”
  • System height: 2600 mm – 8′-6.36”
  • System width: 3000 mm – 9′-10.11”
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